"ADN", the director and actress Maïwenn reconnects with her Algerian roots.


11 juin, 2021

Formation en ligne, alégérie, film, cinéma, appel à projet

"Emir, the Algerian grandfather of Neige (played by Maïwenn), lives in a retirement home. His granddaughter, the heroine of the film, is divorced and has three children. The former independence activist has raised and protected her from failing and even abusive parents. She considers him to be the most endearing and even the most important man around her. His death will therefore upset her and lead her to question her origins and all aspects of her identity." Jeune Afrique - By Renaud de Rochebrune

The director's interest in Algeria is real, she regularly spent her vacations in Algiers when she was a child and attended the Hirak demonstrations, a popular uprising that marked her and whose end - Covid obliges - saddens her greatly today.

Those who have seen the film will recognize the denouement of the story, where the heroine, after an identity crisis, sails to the Algeria of her ancestors. At once freed from a toxic heredity (a crushing mother, an absent and reactionary father) and invigorated by the air of the territory of her origins, she finally finds her place in the genetic chain that gives the film its title. 

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