Radio broadcasting, a multi-faceted profession!


11 juin, 2021


In animation, all your words must reach the ears of your listeners without them having to make an effort to understand them. You must learn to speak clearly, to detach and link syllables, words and sentences correctly. Speaking is an exercise that requires regular practice. There is no such thing as improvisation in radio. What we believe to be improvisation is simply an automatism more or less well mastered. 

LAFAAAC offers you the opportunity to learn these different rules by following the Rules and Techniques of Radio Animation training to acquire all this knowledge and to blossom in your future profession.

This training will be given by the great French radio host, Eric Lange, in partnership with the INA. The host has worked in France in many stations such as France Inter and was a radio host on Medi 1, a Moroccan radio channel.

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