African cinema d'auteur reinvents itself with the program Afriques en vision!


11 juin, 2021

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From June 22 to 26, Bordeaux hosted, at the initiative of the Institute of Africa, directors, producers, distributors, festival directors for Afriques en vision a rich and diverse program of the Africa 2020 Season. 

This event offered a window on contemporary African cinema and invited to take a comprehensive and renewed look at the African film industry through various forms: individual meetings, a masterclass, screenings, etc..
Afriques en vision brought together guests who were well established in their field and screenings of singular quality films.

In the world of cinema, for several decades, several experts have noted a lack of infrastructure as well as cinemas controlled mainly by European businessmen in search of quick profits, and, for television, a flood of low-cost programs driven by the regimes in place. 
Based on all the testimonies, it is interesting for Africa to reappropriate the narratives and to take stock of the state of African cinema, and, thanks to a program like this one, to give itself good reasons to hope.

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