The group Magic System continues to enchant the new generations!


11 juin, 2021

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The time when Magic System struggled to find producers is long gone. If "Premier Gaou" still resonates in everyone's head, this hit released in 1999 was almost never released.

Indeed, at the time, their first album did not have the success that the group has today. What has prevailed is of course the loyalty of this joyful troupe formed in the working-class neighborhood of Anoumabo in Abidjan, in the mid-1990s. So many faithful years that the group also spent with the major Warner.

Their mixed music at the crossroads of zouglou and coupé-décalé has not changed. It is like frozen in time, neither completely obsolete nor completely progressive. But it endures, at a time when Côte d'Ivoire is struggling to renew its musical repertoire.

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