Create your own independent publishing house, it's possible!


11 juin, 2021

Digital, books, africa, training

Creating a publishing house is first and foremost a response to a desire to transmit, to an ideal, but it is also the creation of a real business.
Faced with the complexity of the stakes, how do you organize, plan and develop your project?

Today, thanks to the Internet and the rise of digital technology, it has become intuitive: just look at all the people who dream of starting a business. Creating a publishing house is therefore quite accessible, however there are some basics to know and to put into practice to ensure solid foundations!

LAFAAAC offers a complete training course that will inform you about the different steps to follow to create your own publishing house. The first step is to focus on your ideas and put them on paper in order to create your own company, followed by the elaboration of a business plan and finally a summary of the key details of digital book marketing.

You are passionate about literature and want to promote the authors of tomorrow? You have an entrepreneurial spirit and are thinking of opening your own publishing house?
With LAFAAAC, you will be able to improve your skills and better understand the fundamentals of the publisher's job in the world of entrepreneurship with the training "Setting up a publishing house" to train you and give you the means to achieve your ambitions!

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