In cinema, makeup also tells stories.


11 juin, 2021

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Today, it is very difficult to do without make-up in cinema as the possibilities it brings to the story are immense. In the fictions, one must not only know how to emphasize a face, but master all the techniques of transformation.
Emotions are conveyed by the actor but also through the work and talent of the make-up artists!
With LAFAAAC, you have the opportunity to train in movie makeup and more specifically in special effects makeup also called gradient makeup. This online training, which was developed in collaboration with the great French makeup artist Françoise Quilichini and her assistants, will allow you to understand the principles of gradient makeup, to know the different steps and to have the right gestures. 
The training will also be an opportunity to test your knowledge and to integrate concrete practices with the help of three qualitative case studies.

Are you interested in the make-up business and want to specialize in film? 
With LAFAAAC, you will be able to improve your skills and better understand the fundamentals of the make-up professions in the cinema with the training course "Les maquillages dégradés (effets spéciaux)" (Gradient make-up (special effects)) to train you and give you the means to achieve your ambitions!

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