The stars of "ivory rap".


25 mai, 2021

rap, Africa, music

It is in Côte d'Ivoire where the first African rap tracks were recorded, such as ACB Rap, by the Abidjan City Breakers, in 1983; this was before the arrival of the pioneers of Ivorian hip-hop, such as RAS, the GI's or Almighty. Indeed, they will not back down from the famous "coupe-décalé" of the 2000s.

In the mid-2010s, rap music is back on the scene, to the point that Abidjan is now "the place to be" for French artists, who come to perform in concert or collaborate with local stars. We are witnessing this new wave: the "Ivory rap", a genre that is recognizable among all: lyrics in Nouchi (Ivorian slang), anarchic phrasing, graphic punchlines with a strong emphasis on humor and everyday situations...

Many stars such as Black K, from the group Kiff No Beat, the youngest MC One and the very trendy Suspect 95 quickly took the stage!
We can also mention others like Fior 2 Bior (who recently released a track with the French rapper Niska), Bop de Narr, Widgunz (...) The success of Ivory Rap is growing and its sounds are multiplying!

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