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LAFAAAC is under the patronage of UNESCO.

Meet the team

Olivier Pascal has been travelling the African continent professionally and personally for over 30 years. Previously a strategy consultant for governments, development banks and investment banks, Olivier played an active role in the structuring of the telecoms and energy sectors.
and audiovisual industries in many African countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Today, with LAFAAAC, Olivier is pursuing this mission with a clear vision: to provide all African artists and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to monetize their creative talents, while contributing to the structuring of the sector and the job market in the cultural and creative industries.


Co-founder and Vice-President of LAFAAAC

For almost 20 years, 2 words have characterized François' career: training and culture. After working in strategy and public affairs consulting for the content industries (TV, radio, web, cinema), François was an advisor in a ministerial cabinet, in charge of cinema, audiovisual, video games and digital. He then joined the education and training ecosystem, first as deputy director of Réseau Canopé (a public organization that creates educational resources and services for the educational community), then as director of Viaéduc, the first social network for education professionals in France. He co-founded LAFAAAC in 2017 with the ambition of offering creative youth in Africa the means to train effectively and quickly in creative industry professions.


Chief Financial Officer

After business studies and a spell in auditing, I joined an e-commerce start-up, where I spent six years as CFO, overseeing its rapid expansion. Nearly ten years ago, I set up my own consulting firm, enabling me to offer my skills to a number of different companies simultaneously. This has the dual advantage of
to tackle a wide range of issues, but also to choose my fields of intervention by focusing on companies whose mission is meaningful.
And as such, it's with great pleasure that I boarded the LAFAAAC train in 2019.


Human Resources Manager

Putting people at the heart of my career path has always been a driving force in my life, a sort of common thread. First as a lawyer, then as an HR specialist, I travelled the world, and especially Africa, for many years, putting my skills at the service of associations and NGOs. Driven by LAFAAAC's raison d'être and particularly human vision, I am now fully committed to my role as Human Resources Manager.


Business Development Manager

With fifteen years' experience in digital innovation and entrepreneurship development in Africa
development in Africa as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, investor, trainer, consultant,
designer and coordinator of development programs, Christian has an excellent
knowledge of African entrepreneurial ecosystems. After piloting the launch and deployment of Afric'innov, he is currently developing
After piloting the launch and deployment of Afric'innov, he is currently developing
FANAKA&Co, an agency specialized in entrepreneurship, innovation and digital development in Africa.


Project Manager

After an initial experience as a training manager in the field of social integration, I decided to specialize in e-learning. I first joined LAFAAAC on a sandwich course before joining the teaching team.
Curious about all cultures and sensitive to social and ecological impact, these issues are of particular concern to me in my missions at LAFAAAC.


Project Manager

I'm Ludwina, Project Manager at LAFAAAC, responsible for both teaching and business development. My background is a bit atypical: after working in documentary production, I switched to managing development projects. As a project manager at LAFAAAC, my missions enable me to combine my interests in education, culture and their potential for social impact.


Junior Project Manager

Marked by a deep interest in intercultural communication, journalism, international relations and Harry Potter among others, it's only natural that today I work at LAFAAAC in project management in pedagogy and communication. After studying political science and international relations, with a specialization in African issues, I joined LAFAAAC as an intern for the first time in 2020, and I'm honored to be part of the team full-time today. LAFAAAC's activities are at the crossroads of education, digital, culture and international development: areas that drive me and in which I hope to continue to develop professionally.


Project Manager

A native of Lyon, I adopted Paris after a stopover in Tunisia and Morocco. I joined LAFAAAC in February 2020 as an intern, and am now a Project Manager. I work on educational projects, sales leads and human resources. As a double graduate with a Master's degree in African Regional Governance, I have a genuine interest in
dynamics of the African continent and international solidarit


Administrative and Financial Officer

I'm Hilary, a business school student and work-study student at LAFAAAC. Thanks to my various professional and academic opportunities abroad, I've developed a real interest in expatriation and training. Today, I support Xavier in administrative and financial matters. In fact, I'm in charge of financing, invoicing and reporting, and I also help out with a few HR tasks, particularly concerning integration and recruitment.


Junior Project Manager - Digital Marketing

I'm Côme, I'm studying brand strategy at a communications school and I'm doing my work-study placement with LAFAAAC as a digital marketing project manager. Following a number of experiences, I've chosen to focus my professional future on helping others through training. I'm firmly convinced that training is a fundamental pillar of social and personal development.
Passionate about discovering new cultures, I love discussing the world around us to better understand the major issues facing our society.


Marketing Director

Having fallen into the digital potion as a child (in the last century), I have integrated and supported hundreds of companies, large and small, on this fertile but complex crossroads between technology and business. Digital marketing, e-commerce and e-business are the keys to a profound transformation that I distill. I help steer the B2C upstream to identify potential learners and convince them to train in cultural entrepreneurship in Africa.


IT Manager

With an appetite for the web and IT, I previously worked in the bakery sector, and in 2021 I made a career change into web and mobile web development. I joined LAFAAAC as an intern at the beginning of 2022 and am now continuing my mission within the team on a freelance basis.

Our customer relations team

Our team of customer advisors is available to help you choose the training course that's right for you.

You can reach us by WhatsApp on +221 77 246 62 55, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns !

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