Loubna Serraj, winner of the Orange Book Prize in Africa 2021


11 juin, 2021

africa, management, edition, writing

Moroccan writer Loubna Serraj wins the 3rd Orange Prize for books in Africa with Pourvu qu'il soit de bonne humeur (published by La croisée des chemins).
Beyond an intimate quest, Loubna Serraj tackles a social issue: domestic violence. Touched by this important and central theme in the book, the president of the Orange Book Prize in Africa, Véronique Tadjo, said that this novel deserved to be highlighted for what it brings new in the debate.

Loubna Serraj receives this prize with great joy and pride. Her first thought was for the woman who inspired the character of Maya. 
"It was as if her voice could finally speak and resonate after so many years of silence," she confides. 

Like her character Lilya, a journalist, Loubna Serraj conducted a field investigation into domestic violence: "In tackling this subject, I wanted it to be anchored in reality, even though it is a novel, so that it rings true. So I spoke to many women who have suffered domestic violence as well as men who have been violent, associations ... This gives an interesting insight, even if it can disturb us in a somewhat Manichean vision of executioner / victim."

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