Birimian Ventures, an investment company serving luxury made in Africa


11 juin, 2021

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Do you know Birimian Ventures, an operational investment company dedicated to financially supporting luxury and premium brands inspired by African heritage?

Founded in March 2021 by Laureen Kouassi-Olsso, a finance professional, Birimian Ventures covers four core businesses of the African creative industries including: fashion, accessories, beauty and cosmetics and gastronomy.
With the support of a creative board and the French Institute of Fashion (IFM), the company brings together a cluster of actors from the world of creation, publishing and influencers to identify and link the continent's talents with strategic players in the creative ecosystem at the international level.
Despite the Covid pandemic, Birimian Ventures has continued its business through the use of digital technology without changing its artisanal mode of production. For example, the company uses systems derived from continental tradition and heritage through the skills of tailors, weavers... This specificity includes the materials and their inspirations. 
With her experience in investment and finance acquired at Lehman Brothers, Proparco and the investment fund specialized on Africa Amethis, Laureen Kouassi-Olsso has combined her passion for African creative industries and thus reinvented the way of apprehending cultural and artisanal heritages of the continent. With Birimian Ventures, the entrepreneur's ambition is to sustainably enhance African brands. 
An ambitious company to follow closely!

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